Database of the Year: What it Means

Meghan Gill


For the second year in a row, MongoDB has been named database of the year by DB-Engines. DB-Engines continues to rank MongoDB as the most popular NoSQL database and the 5th most popular database overall.

DB-Engines looks at a number of factors, including job creation, professional certifications, social media mentions, Google searches and more to assess over 200 database systems. For example, the fact that MongoDB professionals are in high demand among employers is testament to the fact that tons of organizations are using MongoDB and want developers and ops professionals who know how to use it.

Source: 451 Research

(For those of you looking to build your resume of MongoDB skills and apply for some of these jobs, MongoDB University offers several free online courses as well as professional certification!)

In combining all of these factors, along with information on technical discussions online, website mentions and more, DB-Engines gets a broad view of the adoption and usage of different database technologies.

That’s why we’re so excited DB-Engines named MongoDB the 2014 Database Management System of the Year, and that we’ve been recognized as the leading NoSQL database system across their rankings. With the emergence of so many new, alternate data stores over the past several years, MongoDB’s inclusion among the top 5 databases overall validates that the landscape has changed. Increasingly, organizations no longer default to the RDBMS but look for the right tool for the job, and for many use cases, that tool is MongoDB.

Of course, any recognition of MongoDB's popularity is effectively an acknowledgement of its vibrant community of users and contributors. So to you all of you MongoDB developers, sysadmins, DBAs, production engineers, evangelists, bloggers, certified professionals, MUG organizers, and t-shirt bearing enthusiasts – thanks for a great year!

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