Configuring Stitch Automated Deployments with GitHub

MongoDB Stitch recently added functionality that allows you to automatically deploy changes to your Stitch application whenever you push changes to your linked GitHub repository. If you haven’t seen this in action, check out my last post that includes a video demo.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “Wow! Automated GitHub deployments could really simplify my DevOps processes. How do I configure them?” I’m so glad you asked! Watch my video below to discover how.

For more detailed information about Stitch automated deployments, see the official documentation. Navigate to Stitch and give automated deployments a try.

I would love to see how you integrate automated deployments with your DevOps processes. Once you get your process configured, Tweet a link to your pipeline if it’s public or Tweet a diagram or visualization of your pipeline if it’s private. Use the hashtags #MongoDB and #DevOps and optionally tag me @Lauren_Schaefer. I’m excited to see what we as a community learn and how we can improve our processes as we share them!