Compass 1.19.6 gets edgy

Dj Walker-Morgan


MongoDB Compass, the official GUI for connecting to MongoDB, recently had an update which was packed with support for the new MongoDB 4.2 server. These new features include support for Wildcard Indexes, Atlas Data Lake connections, and obscuring fields which are encrypted by Field Level Encryption.

Compass 1.19.6 also came with other useful additions that also work with previous MongoDB versions. For example, the aggregation pipeline builder now allows you to set the sample size, a number of documents to preview, and a timeout for the pipeline so you can more precisely tune its behavior while building your pipeline. You can also now create a pipeline-based read-only view in the aggregation builder.

What's edgy in Compass 1.19.6 is over in the Schema Tab when you work with geospatial data. If you have a collection with geospatial data and you call up the Schema view in Compass, the geospatial data will be detected and the points it represents displayed on a map.

Previous versions of Compass allowed you to click a circle tool on the map, then select a point and then drag out a circle to select a number of those points. That would in turn create a $geoWithin filter with an appropriately sized $centerSphere, which you could use to view the collections.

Polygon Selection

Of course, not every boundary can be defined as a circle. In Compass 1.19.6, you will find next to the circle icon a polygon, and if you select that tool, you'll be able to click the points of a polygon as your bounding shape. Again, the $geoWithin filter will be created, this time with a $polygon to match your selection. You can also combine polygons and circles on the same view, with the $geowithin filters being combined in a $or query.

With Compass 1.19.6, you can pick out the edges and areas you've never been able to select in Compass before and compose more complex geospatial selections.

MongoDB Compass is available in four editions - the full edition, specialized read-only and isolated editions are for MongoDB subscribers, while the free-to-use Community edition is for everyone else. Note the Community edition does not offer the Schema tab. You can download Compass from the MongoDB Download Center where you will find all editions.