Changes to MMS: MMS is now MongoDB Cloud Manager



Introducing the new MongoDB Cloud Manager! Now when you register for an account in MongoDB Cloud Manager (formerly MMS), you immediately enter a 30 day free trial. All the great features of Cloud Manager are enabled during this period. At the conclusion of the 30 day free trial, you will have the option to choose between the Standard Plan or the Free Tier Plan. A note about the differences in the plans:

Standard Plan

  • Full History of Your Monitoring Data
  • Automation

Free Tier Plan

  • No per-server charge
  • Monitoring data is limited to 5 minute granularity only for previous 24 hours.
  • Automation functionality is not enabled.

If you decide to pick the Standard plan before the free 30 day trial is over, you will still get the remaining days of your trial for free.


Are there any changes to backup plans?

I’m already running MMS Basic or MMS Classic, what happens to my group?

  • Your group will remain in the existing plan that you have today and continue receiving the same functionality. If you wish, you may switch to the new Standard Plan or Free Tier Plan.

What are data bearing servers?

  • A “server” means a single virtual machine or physical server running MongoDB that stores data. Config servers, pure arbiters, and servers only running mongos routers do not count. A server is only counted once even if it has multiple data-bearing mongoD processes running on it. You can get this count by going to your “Deployment” tab, changing to the server list view (≡), unchecking “mongos” and “config”, and counting any servers which have at least one non-arbiter process on them.

If I decide to stop using Automation, how do I unmanage my group from MMS?

  • Unmanaging will transfer the control of your deployment from MMS back to your servers. Any further changes must be made manually. From your Deployment tab, click the “…” menu at the Replica Set or Sharded Cluster level. Select ‘Remove from MMS’.

Can I still choose the MMS Basic plan to get 8 free servers?

  • The MMS Basic plan is no longer available for new groups.