Calling Database Administrators to Participate in Our User Research



MongoDB is conducting a research project to better understand our users. We are looking for database administrators who are willing to share their experience with databases and MongoDB. If you would like to participate, please fill out this questionnaire. We will be contacting selected participants for an hour-long interview.

More About the Research

We are looking for database administrators, located anywhere in the world, who are willing to talk to us about their daily task flows to help us improve the MMS experience. You can be a developer, a DBA or other operations professional who administer databases in your day-to-day. You don’t have to use MMS professionally nor do you need to manage MongoDB professionally. You must be fluent in English to participate.

This research entails an hour-long interview where participants will be asked about their workflows as database administrators, pain points encountered with monitoring tools, and other questions relating to their work. Interviews will be conducted either in-person or via Skype, depending on geography and personal preferences.

Personal information collected throughout the research will not be shared with any third party or used for solicitation. All participants will remain anonymous in all company reporting. Participants reserve the right to leave the study at any time. As a thank you for completing the interview, we’re offering $75 Amazon gift cards to participants.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out this screening questionnaire for an hour-long interview, and we will be in touch!