Announcing MongoDB 3.3.6

MongoDB 3.3.6 has been released. As a reminder, 3.3.6 is a development release and is not intended for production use. The 3.3 series will evolve into 3.4, which will be for production.

New/fixed in this release:

  • SERVER-6773 Aggregation operator $split for splitting string based on a separator
  • SERVER-8951 Add $findChar or $indexOf operator for strings to find position of specific character (or substring)
  • SERVER-14193 Deprecate (JS) group command
  • SERVER-16203 Add command to dump lock manager state
  • SERVER-21225 Better error messaging when attempting to add a shard with the same name or members as an existing shard
  • SERVER-21612 Combine post $lookup $match on looked up field
  • SERVER-23834 New Evergreen task - Jepsen testing
  • SERVER-23922 Pushing $match inside $lookup which has an $unwind filters out all documents including those that should match
  • SERVER-24117 Mongo binaries ELF stack has become executable

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As always, please let us know of any issues.

-- The MongoDB Team