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Emotional Wellbeing
at MongoDB

We consider your emotional health to be part of your overall health, which is why we offer several resources to help you in your emotional journey.


MongoDB provides employees with a complimentary subscription to Headspace, which provides hundreds of themed meditation sessions on everything from sleep to focus to reducing stress. Help train your mind for a happier, healthier life with Headspace!


Cigna Behavioral Health Care

Cigna members can access mental health care directly through Cigna. If you’re on the EPO or PPO plan, each in-network mental health session is only $20. You have the choice of accessing mental health care in person or virtually and you do not need a referral to seek mental health care. Cigna also partners with various mental health companies such as Ginger, Talkspace, and Alma to give you even more in-network options to receive care from.


Kaiser Mental Health Care

Kaiser members can access mental health care directly from Kaiser. As long as a Kaiser member seeks care through the Kaiser network, each session is only $20. Referrals and pre-authorizations to speak to mental health professionals are not needed. You can also access a Wellness Coach who can help you reduce stress and stop using tobacco through Kaiser’s mental health program. Through Kaiser, you can also access Calm, the meditation app, for free.


Employee Assistance Program

MongoDB provides employees and their families access to an EAP program. This program offers confidential guidance and referrals to various specialists who can help you with family support, mental health, legal assistance, fitness resources, and more.


Mental Health First Aider Program

At MongoDB we have an internal global team certified in Mental Health First Aid. Our MHFA team are trained to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and provide help on a first aid basis.


MongoDB Bloom

At MongoDB, we want to help you grow personally, not just professionally. Our internal wellness program, MongoDB Bloom brings a range of engaging and holistic wellness initiatives throughout the year.

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