Mobile Apps

Mobile apps refer to applications deployed on smartphones and tablets. MongoDB powers the backend of these systems.

Business Outcome

With mobile apps, organizations extend existing applications to new devices and build entirely new apps that:

  • Strengthen customer engagement, like ADP’s Mobile Solutions app;
  • Create new revenue streams, like O2’s location-based offers app, Priority Moments; and
  • Grow customer bases, like UnderArmour’s social app for tracking and sharing workout, MapMyFitness

Customer Examples


  • Agility. Facebook updates its mobile apps every 1-2 months. Customers expect this type of innovation. But relational databases are structurally rigid and do not accommodate this pace of innovation.
  • Multiple Devices and Data Types. New smartphones, wearable devices and apps come out all the time. Leading web companies support over 1,000 device types, but doing so with a single data store is hard.
  • Scalability. There are nearly 2 billion smartphone users worldwide. Is your database ready to handle a massive, global user base?

Why MongoDB

  • Dynamic schemas in MongoDB provide a simple way to stay agile and incorporate changes to the database so you can update your app as often as Facebook.
  • Documents in MongoDB are flexible enough to support multiple smartphone types, as well as complex user data with a single data store.
  • Horizontal Scaling allows companies like Foursquare to support over 30 million users.

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