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MongoDB for Internet of Things (IoT)

Accelerate delivery and simplify the operation of IoT applications. MongoDB’s developer data platform supports the entire IoT data life cycle, from ingestion, storage, querying, real-time analytics, and visualization all the way through to online archiving.
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The IoT data lifecycle, simplified

The IoT data lifecycle, simplified

As more IoT devices come online, choosing the right underlying technology to simplify IoT solutions is essential. Atlas for the Edge helps keep sources synchronized to make it easier to focus on what matters.Learn more

Real-world IoT solutions

Wrangle the volume and velocity of IoT data

Wrangle the volume and velocity of IoT data

Storing, transmitting, and processing large amounts of data from IoT devices is a challenge. With its flexible document model and horizontal scaling capabilities, MongoDB provides a seamless solution for efficiently managing and analyzing IoT data.
Gain real-time access and insight into your data

Gain real-time access and insight into your data

Atlas brings the core components of real-time analytics into one developer data platform. Support operational and analytical workloads within a single replica set, where data is replicated in real-time and tagged for specific workloads.
Support from the edge to the cloud

Support from the edge to the cloud

Collect, aggregate, and process data where you need to. MongoDB supports IoT data, whatever its source. Atlas Device Sync + Realm handles data from the most resource-constrained edge environments and can be deployed on the cloud provider of your choice.
Powering IoT connectivity
Powering IoT connectivity
No matter the industry or use case, MongoDB enables organizations to surface actionable insights by using IoT devices to feed data for real-time analytics while integrating seamlessly with applications.

Industry-leading IoT platforms are powered by MongoDB

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Learn how Bosch IoT Insights creates intelligent vehicles.

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See how Toyota creates smart, autonomous factories.

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Learn how Vaillant and MongoDB built an IoT platform.

GE HealthCare
Telefonica Tech

Connected Devices — How GE HealthCare Uses MongoDB to Manage IoT Device Lifecycle
At GE HealthCare, MongoDB is used to persist device and customer data. These related data layers are used to improve customer experience strategies by increasing efficiency, improving patient outcomes, and increasing access to care.
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Telefónica connects users with MongoDB

Learn how Telefónica Tech runs over 30 million IoT devices with MongoDB.


Gaining Value from IoT & Digital Twins

Watch this talk to learn how MongoDB powers digital twins and IoT applications across industries.


Simplifying IoT Connectivity with myDevices

Find out how MongoDB embraces the variety and volume of IoT data without compromising performance.


Solving 3 Major IoT Data Challenges

MongoDB has successfully addressed three major IoT data-related challenges across various industries.

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