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The getCmdLineOpts command returns a document containing command line options used to start the given mongod or mongos:

{ getCmdLineOpts: 1 }

This command returns a document with two fields, argv and parsed. The argv field contains an array with each item from the command string used to invoke mongod or mongos. The document in the parsed field includes all runtime options, including those parsed from the command line and those specified in the configuration file, if specified.

Consider the following example output of getCmdLineOpts:

        "argv" : [
        "parsed" : {
               "bind_ip" : "",
               "config" : "/etc/mongodb/mongodb.conf",
               "dbpath" : "/srv/mongodb",
               "fork" : true,
               "logappend" : "true",
               "logpath" : "/var/log/mongodb/mongod.log",
               "quiet" : "true"
        "ok" : 1
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