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Data Center Awareness

MongoDB provides a number of features that allow application developers and database administrators to customize the behavior of a sharded cluster or replica set deployment so that MongoDB may be more “data center aware,” or allow operational and location-based separation.

MongoDB also supports workload isolation based on functional parameters, to ensure that certain mongod instances are only used for reporting workloads or that certain high-frequency portions of a sharded collection only exist on specific shards.

The following documents, found either in this section or other sections of this manual, provide information on customizing a deployment for operation- and location-based separation:

Workload Isolation in MongoDB Deployments
MongoDB lets you specify that certain application operations use certain mongod instances.
Tag Aware Sharding
Tags associate specific ranges of shard key values with specific shards for use in managing deployment patterns.
Manage Shard Tags
Use tags to associate specific ranges of shard key values with specific shards.

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