This version of the documentation is archived and no longer supported.

Sharded Cluster Deployment Tutorials

The following tutorials provide information on deploying sharded clusters.

Deploy a Sharded Cluster
Set up a sharded cluster by creating the needed data directories, starting the required MongoDB instances, and configuring the cluster settings.
Considerations for Selecting Shard Keys
Choose the field that MongoDB uses to parse a collection’s documents for distribution over the cluster’s shards. Each shard holds documents with values within a certain range.
Shard a Collection Using a Hashed Shard Key
Shard a collection based on hashes of a field’s values in order to ensure even distribution over the collection’s shards.
Enable Authentication in a Sharded Cluster
Control access to a sharded cluster through a key file and the keyFile setting on each of the cluster’s components.
Add Shards to a Cluster
Add a shard to add capacity to a sharded cluster.
Deploy Three Config Servers for Production Deployments
Convert a test deployment with one config server to a production deployment with three config servers.
Convert a Replica Set to a Replicated Sharded Cluster
Convert a replica set to a sharded cluster in which each shard is its own replica set.
Convert Sharded Cluster to Replica Set
Replace your sharded cluster with a single replica set.