This version of the documentation is archived and no longer supported.


Documentation of query, update, projection, and aggregation framework operators.
Database Commands
Documentation of all MongoDB database commands operations, syntax, and use.
mongo Shell Methods
Documentation of all JavaScript methods and helpers in the mongo shell.
MongoDB Package Components
Documentation of mongod and mongos and all other tools distributed with MongoDB.
Configuration File Options
Full documentation of the configuration file and available run-time operations.
mongod Parameters
Documentation of all mongod and mongos parameters that are available in the setParameter (command) and setParameter run-time interface.
MongoDB Limits and Thresholds
A list of important limits and thresholds imposed by MongoDB.
Connection String URI Format
The complete specification of the MongoDB connection string format that the drivers use to describe connections to MongoDB deployments.
A glossary of common terms and concepts specific to MongoDB.

See also

The Index may provide useful insight into the reference material in this manual. The MongoDB CRUD Reference Data Model Reference, Sharding Reference, Replication Reference, and Security Reference contain additional reference material.