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The administration documentation addresses the ongoing operation and maintenance of MongoDB instances and deployments. This documentation includes both high level overviews of these concerns as well as tutorials that cover specific procedures and processes for operating MongoDB.

You can download this section in PDF form as MongoDB Administration.

Administration Concepts

Core conceptual documentation of operational practices for managing MongoDB deployments and systems.

MongoDB Backup Methods
Describes approaches and considerations for backing up a MongoDB database.
Data Center Awareness
Presents the MongoDB features that allow application developers and database administrators to configure their deployments to be more data center aware or allow operational and location-based separation.
Monitoring for MongoDB
An overview of monitoring tools, diagnostic strategies, and approaches to monitoring replica sets and sharded clusters.
Administration Tutorials

Tutorials that describe common administrative procedures and practices for operations for MongoDB instances and deployments.

Configuration, Maintenance, and Analysis
Describes routine management operations, including configuration and performance analysis.
Backup and Recovery
Outlines procedures for data backup and restoration with mongod instances and deployments.
Administration Reference
Reference and documentation of internal mechanics of administrative features, systems and functions and operations.

See also

The MongoDB Manual contains administrative documentation and tutorials though out several sections. See Replica Set Tutorials and Sharded Cluster Tutorials for additional tutorials and information.