This version of the documentation is archived and no longer supported.

Return a List of All Indexes

When performing maintenance you may want to check which indexes exist on a collection. Every index on a collection has a corresponding document in the system.indexes collection, and you can use standard queries (i.e. find()) to list the indexes, or in the mongo shell, the getIndexes() method to return a list of the indexes on a collection, as in the following examples.

See also

Index Concepts and Indexing Tutorials for more information about indexes in MongoDB and common index management operations.

List all Indexes on a Collection

To return a list of all indexes on a collection, use the db.collection.getIndexes() method or a similar method for your driver.

For example, to view all indexes on the people collection:


List all Indexes for a Database

To return a list of all indexes on all collections in a database, use the following operation in the mongo shell:


See system.indexes for more information about these documents.