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Replica Set Features and Version CompatibilityΒΆ


This table is for archival purposes and does not list all features of replica sets. Always use the latest stable release of MongoDB in production deployments.

Features Version
Slave Delay 1.6.3
Hidden 1.7
replSetFreeze and replSetStepDown 1.7.3
Replicated ops in mongostat 1.7.3
Syncing from Secondaries 1.8.0
Authentication 1.8.0
Replication from Nearest Server (by ping Time) 2.0
replSetSyncFrom support for replicating from specific members. 2.2


  • 1.8-series secondaries can replicate from 1.6-series primaries.
  • 1.6-series secondaries cannot replicate from 1.8-series primaries.