This version of the documentation is archived and no longer supported.



Returns an array that holds a list of documents that identify and describe the existing indexes on the collection. You must call the db.collection.getIndexes() on a collection. For example:


Change collection to the name of the collection whose indexes you want to learn.

The db.collection.getIndexes() items consist of the following fields:


Holds the version of the index.

The index version depends on the version of mongod that created the index. Before version 2.0 of MongoDB, the this value was 0; versions 2.0 and later use version 1.


Contains a document holding the keys held in the index, and the order of the index. Indexes may be either descending or ascending order. A value of negative one (e.g. -1) indicates an index sorted in descending order while a positive value (e.g. 1) indicates an index sorted in an ascending order.


The namespace context for the index.

A unique name for the index comprised of the field names and orders of all keys.