This version of the documentation is archived and no longer supported.

MongoDB Package Components

Core Processes

The core components in the MongoDB package are: mongod, the core database process; mongos the controller and query router for sharded clusters; and mongo the interactive MongoDB Shell.

Windows Services

The mongod.exe and mongos.exe describe the options available for configuring MongoDB when running as a Windows Service. The mongod.exe and mongos.exe binaries provide a superset of the mongod and mongos options.

Binary Import and Export Tools

mongodump provides a method for creating BSON dump files from the mongod instances, while mongorestore makes it possible to restore these dumps. bsondump converts BSON dump files into JSON. The mongooplog utility provides the ability to stream oplog entries outside of normal replication.

Data Import and Export Tools

mongoimport provides a method for taking data in JSON, CSV, or TSV and importing it into a mongod instance. mongoexport provides a method to export data from a mongod instance into JSON, CSV, or TSV.


The conversion between BSON and other formats lacks full type fidelity. Therefore you cannot use mongoimport and mongoexport for round-trip import and export operations.

Diagnostic Tools

mongostat, mongotop, and mongosniff provide diagnostic information related to the current operation of a mongod instance.


Because mongosniff depends on libpcap, most distributions of MongoDB do not include mongosniff.


mongofiles provides a command-line interact to a MongoDB GridFS storage system.