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The MongoDB 2.2 Manual

Welcome to the MongoDB 2.2 Manual! MongoDB is an open-source, document-oriented database designed for ease of development and scaling.

The Manual introduces MongoDB and continues to describe the query language, operational considerations and procedures, administration, and application development patterns, among other topics relevant to users and administrators of MongoDB. The Manual also has a thorough reference section of the MongoDB interface and tools.

Getting Started Developers Administrators Reference

Installing MongoDB

First Steps

MongoDB Shell


Database Operations



Develop with MongoDB


Replica Sets

Sharded Clusters

MongoDB Security

Shell Methods

Query Operators

Database Commands


If you’re new to MongoDB, also consider the following resources:


MongoDB has an :about:`active community </community>`. You’ll get a quick response to MongoDB questions (i.e. questions tagged mongodb) posted to Stack Overflow.


For information on MongoDB licensing, see MongoDB Licensing.

Additional Resources

The following resources provide additional information:

MongoDB, Inc.
The company behind MongoDB.
MongoDB Events
Upcoming events where you can learn more and meet members of the MongoDB community.
Planet MongoDB
Aggregator of popular MongoDB blogs.
Slides and Video
Presentations and videos from past MongoDB events.
MongoDB Management Service
Free cloud-based service for monitoring and backing up MongoDB deployments. Also consider the MMS documentation.
MongoDB Books
Books that provide additional information and background on MongoDB.