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Database replication ensures redundancy, backup, and automatic failover. Replication occurs through groups of servers known as replica sets.

For an overview, see Replica Set Fundamental Concepts. To work with members, see Replica Set Operation and Management. To configure deployment architecture, see Replica Set Architectures and Deployment Patterns. To modify read and write operations, see Replica Set Considerations and Behaviors for Applications and Development. For procedures for performing certain replication tasks, see the list of replication tutorials. For documentation of MongoDB’s operational segregation capabilities for replica set deployments see the Data Center Awareness

This section contains full documentation, tutorials, and pragmatic guides, as well as links to the reference material that describes all aspects of replica sets.

Replica Set Use and Operation

Consider these higher level introductions to replica sets:

The following document describes master-slave replication, which is deprecated. Use replica sets instead of master-slave in all new deployments.

Replica Set Tutorials and Procedures

The following tutorials describe a number of common replica set maintenance and operational practices in greater detail.

Replica Set Reference Material

Additionally, consider the following reference listed in this section. The following describes the replica set configuration object:

The following describe MongoDB output and status related to replication:

Finally, consider the following quick references of the commands and operations available for replica set administration and use: