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New Data Modeling Learning Path and Certification

This post is also available in: Deutsch , Français , Español , Português , Italiano , 한국어 , 简体中文 . Data modeling is a crucial part of software development. It's what gives structure to the data so that it can be analyzed, used to make decisions, and built into useful applications. It can be complex and challenging, especially when you're juggling performance and maintainability. But here's the good news: a well-designed data model can boost your app's performance. That's why we've put together a new learning path and certification to help you level up your data modeling skills. Whether you're a seasoned developer looking to deepen your understanding or a newcomer eager to learn, this content is designed to give you the tools you need to create efficient and effective data models. Let's dive in and start building better apps together. Deep dive into data modeling with MongoDB The new free, online MongoDB Data Modeling Path will help you build your knowledge from the ground up and prepare you for the certification exam. The curated sequence of videos, hands-on labs, and quizzes provides you with a guided journey to learning data modeling at your own pace. The learning path will show you a step-by-step method for creating effective data models. You'll learn how to identify entities and workloads, map relationships, and when to embed or reference them. In addition, you'll learn different schema design patterns, how to recognize and address MongoDB anti-patterns, and the basics of schema lifecycle management. And, here's a little something extra: Once you complete the learning path, you'll automatically score a 50% discount on the new certification ! Learn fast, certify faster With an extensive array of new educational resources on data modeling for MongoDB, we are thrilled to introduce our new credential, the MongoDB Associate Data Modeler certification , which will allow you to validate and showcase your expertise in the field. Our certifications are officially recognized by professional institutions, validating and acknowledging your MongoDB expertise. They're a valuable asset for advancing in your role and enhancing your marketability for future positions. Certified individuals earn bragging rights, inclusion in the Credly Talent Directory , and a distinguished Credly badge, making it easy to share your achievements. The MongoDB Associate Data Modeler certification is designed for experienced users. Candidates should have some familiarity with JSON, and the MongoDB Query API , including aggregations and data modeling on MongoDB. You should also understand the tradeoffs of simplicity versus performance of data modeling techniques. This certification attests to your competency in designing, building, and evolving effective data models in MongoDB, and incorporating data governance into your work. Explore MongoDB’s new learning path and certification designed to elevate and validate your data modeling skills.

March 20, 2024

A Year of Thrill: Celebrating the New MongoDB University

Staying ahead in the ever-evolving tech world is like being on a rollercoaster - it’s exciting but it can also make your head spin! When we set out to revamp MongoDB University , we wanted to provide developers with frictionless access to the learning content they needed to conquer their challenges. It’s been one year since the launch and we are over the moon about how far the new MongoDB University has come - a one-stop hub with fresh certifications and new content, all available online. But none of this would have been possible without the incredible support of our engaged learners who have embarked on this ride with us. Our commitment to delivering top-notch educational resources has been nothing short of award-winning, earning us the prestigious Silver Excellence Award from the Brandon Hall Group in the category of ‘Best Advance in Creating an Extended Enterprise Learning Program’. The success of the new University has also been featured at industry events, including Cognition and the Customer Education Management Association Conference. So, let’s buckle up and take a tour through the revamped MongoDB University! New content With over 1,000 learning assets, including videos, hands-on labs, code recaps, quizzes, and courses, there’s something for everyone. Plus, now we have you covered with language subtitles in Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian, French, and Portuguese. The best part? All of the content is free, online, and you can take your time and learn at your own pace. Let’s explore three of our newest courses: Data Modeling for MongoDB: This course guides you through the foundational steps of creating an effective data model in MongoDB, including identifying entities and workloads, mapping and modeling relationships between entities, and using key schema design patterns. Atlas Essentials: In this course, you’ll gain the foundational knowledge and skills needed to use MongoDB Atlas, the multi-cloud developer data platform. MongoDB for SQL Professionals: This course will help you leverage your SQL skills to get started with MongoDB quickly. You can practice what you learn and gain valuable real-world skills with labs hosted in our in-browser development environment. The new experience allows you to explore hands-on exercises as part of our courses, or you can dive directly into a standalone lab . The labs include step-by-step instructions that guide you through each scenario and even provide hints along the way. And for those looking for nuggets of MongoDB wisdom, explore the catalog of over 30 Learning Bytes . These short videos cover a wide variety of topics and are designed to help you get the knowledge you need quickly. New certifications Our freshly revamped certifications are recognized by professional institutions and are your ticket to having your knowledge and skills formally validated and recognized by MongoDB. They are a great way to elevate yourself in your current role and increase your marketability for future roles. Certifications come with bragging rights, inclusion in the Credly Talent Directory, and a shiny Credly badge that makes it easy for you to share your achievement. So, let’s explore the two new certifications: MongoDB Associate Developer: Certify that you possess the essential skills to create beginner-level applications utilizing MongoDB as a backing database for Java, Python, C#, PHP, or Java applications. MongoDB Associate Database Administrator: Validate your MongoDB database administration skills by certifying your knowledge of building, supporting, and securing MongoDB infrastructure. And if you need a boost, once you complete one of the certification learning paths you will automatically unlock a 50% discount on a certification exam. Educators and students can check out the Academia program to learn how to receive a free exam. All aboard! This is just the beginning of the adventure and we are excited for what is yet to come. So, fasten your seatbelt, and let’s keep learning together! With over 1,000 learning assets, MongoDB University has what you need to pick up new skills and advance your career. Explore free courses, practice with hands-on labs, and earn MongoDB certifications.

November 28, 2023

5 Ways to Learn MongoDB

MongoDB offers a variety of ways for users to gain product knowledge, get certified, and advance their careers. In this guide, we'll provide an overview of the top five ways to get MongoDB training, resources, and certifications. #1: MongoDB University The best place to go to get MongoDB-certified and improve your technical skills is MongoDB University . At our last MongoDB.local London event, we announced the launch of a brand new, enhanced university experience, with new courses and features, and a seamless path to MongoDB certification to help you take your skills and career to the next level. MongoDB University offers courses, learning paths, and certifications in a variety of content types and programming languages. Some of the key features that MongoDB University offers are: Hands-on labs and quizzes Bite-sized video lectures Badges for certifications earned Study guides and materials Getting certified from MongoDB University is a great way to start your developer journey. Our education offerings also include benefits for students and educators . #2: MongoDB Developer Center For continued self-paced learning, the MongoDB Developer Center is the place to go. The Developer Center houses the latest MongoDB tutorials, videos, community forums , and code examples in your preferred languages and tools. The MongoDB Developer Center is a global community of more than seven million developers. Within the Developer Center, you can code in different languages, get access to integrate technologies you already use, and start building with MongoDB products, including: MongoDB, the original NoSQL database MongoDB Atlas , the cloud document database as a service and the easiest way to deploy, operate, and scale MongoDB MongoDB Atlas App Services , the easy way to get new apps into the hands of your users faster #3: Instructor-led training As an IT leader, you can help your team succeed with MongoDB instructor-led training taught live by expert teachers and consultants. With MongoDB’s instructor-led training offering, you can access courses aimed at various roles. Our Developer and Operations learning paths cover fundamental skills needed to build and manage critical MongoDB deployments. Beyond that, our specialty courses help learners master their skills and explore advanced MongoDB features and products. You can also modify how you want to learn. MongoDB offers public remote courses, which are perfect for individuals or teams who want to send a few learners at a time. If your goal is to upskill your entire team with MongoDB, our courses can be delivered privately, both onsite or remotely. Instructor-led training also provides the opportunity for Q&A, providing answers to your specific questions. #4: Resources Beyond formal training programs, MongoDB is committed to providing thought leadership resources for those looking to dive deeper and learn more about MongoDB and database technologies in general. Our website offers an active blog with ongoing thought leadership and how-to articles, along with additional coding documentation , guides, and drivers. You can also check out the MongoDB Podcast for information about new and emerging technology, MongoDB products, and best practices. #5: Events You can also engage with MongoDB experts at our many events, including MongoDB World, our annual conference for developers and other IT leaders. After MongoDB World, we take our show on the road with MongoDB .local events across the globe. These events give you the opportunity to learn in a hands-on fashion and meet other MongoDB users. MongoDB also hosts MongoDB days in various global regions, focusing on developer workshops and leveling up skills. Beyond that, you can keep up with our webinars and other learning opportunities through our Events page. Build your own MongoDB story Of course, many people like to learn by doing. To get started using MongoDB Atlas in minutes, register for free .

January 20, 2023

Introducing the Next Generation of MongoDB Education

MongoDB University has always offered developers free, self-paced, on-demand ways to learn MongoDB and advance their careers. Now MongoDB has launched an enhanced University experience, with a rollout of new courses and features, and a seamless path to MongoDB certification to help take your skills and career to the next level. “MongoDB has always been a developer-first company. But it’s one thing to say that and support the current generation of developers and MongoDB users, it’s another to play a larger role in molding the developers of the future,” says Mark Porter, Chief Technology Officer, MongoDB. “Developers have gone from being a curiosity when I began my career to becoming a boardroom priority. If software and applications are the currency of the modern day economy, development teams are the market makers, and we want to support them on this journey.” Announced at our annual .local London developer conference, the new learning experience makes it easy to quickly pick up knowledge, develop a fundamental MongoDB skillset, and get certified. Beginning November 15, you can discover: New courses that make it easy to learn how to use MongoDB in the context of your preferred programming language, including Python, C#, Java, and Node.JS New discounts and incentives to support your growth. Now, any time you complete a new developer learning path , you will receive a 50% discount on the Associate Developer certification exam fee. And as always, all course content is free. Easier accessibility to course videos - registration is no longer required! Those who do register gain access to hands-on labs, quizzes, and certifications, as well as the ability to track their progress. Language Subtitles for all new courses . Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, Spanish, French, and Portuguese subtitles are now available. Short form content on newer features . Try our new “Learning Bytes” to build knowledge on MongoDB in 20 minutes or less. An enhanced certification experience with 24/7 exam access and robust study materials, including videos, study guides, and practice questions. Additionally, MongoDB University now offers course certificates and digital certification badges through Credly that strengthen your professional profiles on LinkedIn, and can be shared across Twitter and Facebook. Adding these badges will enhance your opportunities for roles that require MongoDB experience and enter you into the Credly talent pool, making you visible to recruiters and hiring managers looking for specific certifications. Updated labs that provide guided, hands-on activities that allow you to practice what you’ve learned and see real-time results of your work. Getting started with MongoDB University Badges Previous certifications continue to be valid and will now include digital badges, so be on the lookout for an email from our badging partner, Credly. You can then accept your MongoDB Certified badge and share it on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. When you accept, you will also be included in the Credly Talent Directory , which enables recruiters, hiring managers, and others to connect with you about opportunities based on the specific digital credentials you’ve earned. In-progress learning If you currently have in-progress courses with MongoDB University, those courses must be completed by December 1st in order to have your certificate transfer to the new University experience. If you don’t complete a course by the deadline, that course will still be available in the new University, but your progress will not be transferred. Ready to explore all the new possibilities? Get started with the next generation of MongoDB University today. Start learning today !

November 15, 2022