Transcripts for MongoDB University now available

Dj Walker-Morgan


One of the most asked for features for MongoDB University, the ability to read transcripts of the video content and search those transcripts, is now available to make students learning time more effective.

MongoDB University is an extensive collection of free courses about everything to do with MongoDB. With a combination of on-demand and scheduled courses, there's engaging videos which take you from MongoDB Beginner to MongoDB Expert. And what better way to introduce them than with a video.

The courses on MongoDB use video content to make the subject matter even more engaging, but video can be tricky to index and search when you are trying to learn. Enter transcripts. Transcripts can be made to appear by clicking on the Show Transcripts alongside and in sync with the video presenter. A side panel pops into view besides the video and highlighting what the presenter is currently saying.

Why are Transcripts better?

Transcripts go beyond subtitles because you can also see what was previously said and what is coming next when watching the video. That's useful for understanding the context of particular phrases or statements. The text of the transcript is part of the web page, not in the video and because of this you can search it with your browser's find command.

You can also take your Transcripts offline by downloading them from the course materials to add to your own course notes. Transcripts are your new learning partner on MongoDB University, try them out today.