Are you the next MongoDB Certified Professional of the Year?

Amy Berman

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Has becoming MongoDB Certified affected your life in any way, big or small? Whether being MongoDB Certified has helped transform your career, connect with your community, or see the world a little differently, we want to hear your story! MongoDB and the community want to learn from your success.

Since 2013, MongoDB has recognized a current MongoDB Certified Professional who demonstrates ingenuity, hard work, and expertise as the MongoDB Certified Professional of the Year. Tell your story about your certification journey and you could be going to MongoDB World.

Picture of Koen Aertskon, 2018 MongoDB Certified Professional of the Year

The Right Stuff

Last year’s winner was Koen Aertskon, a Solutions Architect at Mobia Technology Innovations in Calgary. He got into MongoDB when his boss announced it was being used in a new project. “I said 'OK' and ever since then I have used MongoDB in the products I developed for different customers” says Koen.

Examples of those projects included an award-winning healthcare application which used MongoDB and OpsManager, now in production helping save lives, and a MEAN stack application as part of a Business Process Automation platform.

With projects like that in his portfolio, Aertskon was always going to get certified. “Not only is it fun to brag about your MongoDB certification, it also makes you more marketable and credible,” he tells us, adding, “We have landed new business opportunities that we may not have had otherwise without the certification.”

What does he recommend to folks looking to get certified? “Nothing beats hands-on experience with a sprinkle of passion and a teaspoon of interest,” he notes. And for practical education? “Definitely take the free online MongoDB training because for sure there will be something in there you didn't know yet.”

This is your chance to tell your story

Tell us why you should be the next MongoDB Certified Professional of 2019 by answering a few questions here. We'll choose a winner with the most interesting and compelling certification story. The winner will receive a free trip to the MongoDB World 2019 conference in New York City, including flight, conference pass, and hotel accommodation.

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