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Trigger an Initial Sync for One Process

Use Ops Manager Automation to start an initial sync process on one or more MongoDB instances. This resynchronizes data stored on MongoDB nodes in clusters.


  • You can only resync secondary nodes.

    A node might become the primary between the time when you trigger a resync and when it runs. In this case, the MongoDB Agent waits for you to connect to the node manually and run the rs.stepDown() command.

  • You can only schedule one node in any given replica set to resync at a given time. While one node resyncs, the Ops Manager disables the :guilabel: Resync option for all other nodes.

Trigger Initial Sync


Choose a cluster with a node you want to resync.

Click the name of the deployment that contains the process to resync. Ops Manager opens the deployment Overview.


Choose a node to resync.

  1. Find the node that you want to resync.
  2. Click the Actions dropdown for that node.

Click Resync.


Click Resync to confirm.


At the top of the deployment Overview, click Review & Deploy


Click Review & Deploy to review your changes.

Ops Manager displays your proposed changes.

  1. If you are satisfied, click Confirm & Deploy.

  2. If you want to make further configuration changes, click Cancel.

    Click Modify for the cluster to make additional changes.

See also

lastResync parameter in the Ops Manager Automation configuration for MongoDB instances.