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SNMP Traps and Ops Manager Severities

This page explains how severe specific SNMP trap alerts are.

The severities are:

  1. debug
  2. info
  3. warning
  4. error
  5. critical

The SNMP Alerts have the following severities in the SNMP traps:

Alert Severity
  • Automation is down
  • Backing Database process is down
  • Backup is down
  • Detected a problem connecting to a database backing the system
  • Host is down
  • Monitoring is down
critical (5)
  • Host Recovering

  • Host Metric outside of configured threshold


    Connections exceeded user-specified threshold of 1000.

warning (3)
  • Any informational alert


    • host is now primary
    • host is now secondary
    • host restarted
  • Host version outdated

  • Monitoring Agent version outdated

  • Backup Agent version outdated

info (2)
Any other alert not explicitly mentioned in this table. warning (3)