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Edit Project Settings

You can configure project-specific settings from the project’s Settings page.


View or modify project settings.

Project Settings displays the configurable settings. See Project Settings to view the setting descriptions.

If you access Ops Manager as a user with the Global Owner role, you can also update Admin Project Settings under the Global Admin Only section. See Admin Project Settings to view the administrative setting descriptions.

Project Settings

Project Settings apply to all the users in the project.

Setting Description

Sets your project’s name.


Only a user with the Project Owner access for the project can edit the project name.

Project Time Zone Sets your project’s time zone.
Collect Logs For All Hosts Activates or deactivates the collection of log data for all hosts. This overwrites the statuses set on the individual hosts.
Collect Profiling Information for All Hosts

Activates or deactivates Ops Manager collection of data from the MongoDB database profilers running on your mongod instances. A mongod instance must have its profiler enabled in order for Ops Manager to collect data from it.

When you change this setting, Ops Manager applies the change globally to all mongod processes in the project. For example, if you disable this setting, Ops Manager disables the collection of profiling data for all the project’s processes. This setting does not affect whether the profiler is enabled on a given mongod process, only whether Ops Manager collects profiling data.

To enable the collection of profiling data on a process-by-process basis, see Profile Databases.

When profiling is enabled, Ops Manager collects data from MongoDB’s profiler to provide statistics about performance and database operations. Ensure exposing profile data to Ops Manager is consistent with your information security practices. Also be aware the profiler can consume resources which may adversely affect MongoDB performance.

For more information, see Profile Databases.

Collect Database Specific Statistics Allows you to enable or disable the collection of database statistics. For more information, see Profile Databases.
Default Project Server Type

Sets the default server type for all hosts added to this project.

Server Intention Environment Purpose License Requirement
Production Server

Hosts your application to your internal or external end users.


If an end user might use an environment, it functions as a Production environment. This applies whether the environment also provides testing, quality assurance, evaluation, or development capabilities.

One license per server
Test/QA Server

This type of environment can be used to:

Test Exercises your application to verify that it works as designed and expected. The platform configuration might be a less performant version of Production in compute, network, and storage capability.
Assure system quality Validates your application against a combination of data, hardware, and software configured to simulate Production. The platform configuration should be a smaller scale of Production in compute, network, and storage capability.
Stage Simulates the Production environment including performance testing and release candidate approval. The platform configuration should mirror Production in compute, network, and storage capability.
One license per server
Development Server Hosts in progress design, code, debugging or some combination thereof for your application. Used to evaluate if the current state of your application can be promoted to another environment. None
RAM Pool Provides any combination of servers for any environment purpose. One license for any number of servers up to the maximum of the total GB of RAM you purchased across these servers.
Backing Database Hosts your Ops Manager backing database. Enable Application Database Monitoring to enable this option. None


This does not modify the default server type of existing hosts.

Reset Duplicates Allows you to reset and remove all detected duplicate hosts. This is useful if your server environment has drastically changed and you believe a host is incorrectly marked as a duplicate.
Preferred Hostnames

Allows you to specify resolvable hostnames or IP addresses for your deployment’s host. Ops Manager keeps a list of the multiple ways to which each host is referred (hostname, FQDN, IPv4 address, IPv6 address) and uses heuristics to determine the best choice. Specify a preferred hostname to make sure Ops Manager uses a hostname that can resolve to a host. The method you choose becomes the method used to display the hosts in Ops Manager.

To specify a preferred hostname, click Add and do one of the following:

  • To specify hostnames that end with a particular string, click the Ends With button and enter the string.

  • To specify hostnames that match a pattern, click the Regex button and enter a regular expression. An expression that uses “starts with” behavior must have .* at the end in order to correctly match.


    To specify hostnames that start with acme-, enter:

Suppress Mongos Automatic Discovery Suppresses automatic discovery of all mongos processes in your deployment’s sharded clusters.
Real Time Performance Panel

Enables the collection and display of real time metrics from your MongoDB databases in the Real-Time Performance Panel

If you toggle Real-Time Performance Panel to Off, you disable this feature for every user in the Project.


You might see some PII if you have permission to use this feature.

Data Explorer

Enables the ability to query of your MongoDB databases from Ops Manager.

If you toggle Data Explorer to Off, you disable this feature for every user in the Project.


You might see some PII if you have permission to use this feature.

Performance Advisor

Enables the ability to analyze the logs of your MongoDB database to recommend performance improvements.

If you toggle Performance Advisor to Off, you disable this feature for every user in the Project.


You might see some PII if you have permission to use this feature.

Delete Project Click Delete to remove the project from Ops Manager. The Delete Project modal displays. Click Delete Project to confirm your decision.

Admin Project Settings

The following project settings in the Global Admin Only section of Settings could, in certain situations, affect more than the project. For example, setting logging to a high verbosity would cause system logs to roll over faster. Only users with the Global Owner role can edit these settings:

Setting Description
Mongos Deactivation Threshold Change the amount of time before Ops Manager removes an unreachable mongos process from the Deployment tab view. By default, Ops Manager waits 30 days before removing an unreachable mongos. Set this to the amount of time in seconds to wait before removal. This setting applies only if the mongos is not managed by Ops Manager Automation.
Monitoring Agent Log Level Change the verbosity of the Monitoring log.
Automation Agent Log Level Change the verbosity of the Automation log.