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Measurements and Alerts


Groups and projects are synonymous terms. Your {PROJECT-ID} is the same as your project id. For existing groups, your group/project id remains the same. This page uses the more familiar term group when referring to descriptions. The endpoint remains as stated in the document.

Name Description
Measurements Retrieves data points for your deployments.
Alerts Retrieves and acknowledges alerts.
Alert Configurations Retrieves and edits alert configurations, which define the conditions that trigger alerts and the methods of notification.
Events Retrieves organization and project events.
Global Alerts Retrieves and acknowledges global alerts.
Global Alert Configurations Retrieves and edits alert configurations for global alerts.
Global Events Retrieves global events.
Maintenance Windows Turns off alert notifications for specified alert types for a period of time, to allow maintenance to occur.
Performance Advisor Monitor slow queries and get suggested indexes from the Ops Manager Performance Advisor.
Third-Party Integration Settings Integrate Ops Manager with third-party monitoring services to receive alerts.