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Fix Down Host

At time T, the Monitoring on host X had not detected a mongod process running on host Y port Z for A minutes.

Alert Conditions

You can configure alert conditions in the project-level alert settings page to trigger alerts.

To learn more about the alert condition, see Host is down.

Common Triggers

  • The mongod process could not be reached because of a network issue.
  • The mongod process is not running.
  • The host is powered off.

Fix the Immediate Problem

  • Verify network communication between the host running the Monitoring and the host that is listed as down. One way to do this is through mongosh:

    mongosh <hostname>:<port>

    If connecting from mongosh fails, try a basic ping test:

    ping <hostname>
  • Verify the mongod process is running:

    If the process was installed from deb or rpm package, query the service manager for the status:

    sudo service mongod status

    Alternatively, you can use ps:

    ps aux | grep mongo


The Host is down alert should not be used to detect all occurrences of a host reboot. The alert is triggered only if the host is seen as down at the instant that the Monitoring runs the check. The interval between checks can vary from 1 to 3 minutes.

Implement a Long-Term Solution

Keep your host powered on and the mongod process running. Work to prevent any network issues.

Monitor Your Progress

View the following chart to monitor your progress:

  • Network

    Monitor network metrics to track network performance.

To learn more, see View Deployment Metrics.