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Fix Inconsistent Backup

Ops Manager has detected that the configuration for a backup does not match the configuration of the MongoDB deployment.

As some settings affect the on-disk format or the process of applying oplog, the backup process encourages users to verify that their backup configurations are consistent with their deployed configurations. This alert triggers if no node in your deployment exactly matches your backup configuration.

Alert Conditions

You can configure alert conditions in the project-level alert settings page to trigger alerts.

To learn more about the alert condition, see Inconsistent backup configuration has been detected.

Common Triggers

  • The storage engine of a deployment has changed since backup was started.
  • The MongoDB deployment has changed its startup options since backup was started. The startup options that you should ensure match your backup are:
    • nssize
    • directoryperdb
    • smallfiles
    • wiredTigerDirectoryForIndexes
    • wiredTigerBlockCompressor

Fix the Immediate Problem

  • Update the storage engine from the Backup dashboard. This triggers a resync of the backup.
  • If the startup options are inconsistent, resync the backup manually from the Backup dashboard.

Implement a Long-Term Solution

Ensure the configuration for a backup matches the configuration of the MongoDB deployment it backs up.

Monitor Your Progress

View the following chart to monitor your progress:

  • Tickets Available

    Monitor the tickets available to see when read and write requests queue.

To learn more, see View Deployment Metrics.