Confused about MongoDB 'Editions'

I want to use MongoDB when writing apps in both Node.js and Python. I’m under the impression all one neede was a community ‘edition’ (or enterprise etc). Are there separate editions for Node.js and Python?
What must I do to program with Node.js and Python using MongoDB?

Start with community edition or MongoDB Atlas.

Hi @Sam_Quinn,

The Edition distinction only applies to the MongoDB Server software – the same drivers are used for either edition.

The core developer functionality in both editions is the same, but MongoDB Enterprise Advanced includes a Commercial License and adds more advanced security features (Kerberos, LDAP, auditing), storage engines (in-memory and encrypted), operational tooling (Ops Manager, Enterprise Kubernetes Operator, Connector for BI), and access to MongoDB University On-Demand training for your team.

You can install MongoDB Community Edition in your own hosting or development environment within the provisions of the Server Side Public License (SSPL), or upgrade to MongoDB Enterprise as part of a commercial subscription. Please see the SSPL FAQ for answers to common licensing questions.

MongoDB Atlas is a managed cloud service which runs MongoDB Enterprise and integrates additional cloud native features like MongoDB Charts, MongoDB Atlas Data Lake, MongoDB Atlas Search, and MongoDB Realm. There’s a free tier which provides a development sandbox including 512MB of data, and is well-suited for learning and testing without installing any local server software.