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MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB Atlas is a multi-cloud database service by the same people that build MongoDB. Atlas simplifies deploying and managing your databases while offering the versatility you need to build resilient and performant global applications on the cloud providers of your choice.


MongoDB Charts is a tool to create visual representations of your MongoDB data. Data visualization is a key component to providing a clear understanding of your data, highlighting correlations between variables and making it easy to discern patterns and trends within your dataset.

Data Lake

Data Lake operates as a serverless, scalable query engine, delivering a simpler and faster experience when you’re working with data. You can directly query Atlas databases and AWS S3 together using a single API. Run powerful and easy-to-understand aggregations so you always have a consistent experience, no matter what data type you’re using.


MongoDB’s Atlas Search feature offers fine-grained text indexing to enable advanced search functionality without any additional management required. Atlas Search provides options for several kinds of text analyzers, score-based results ranking, and a rich query language.


Harness the power of MongoDB with the ease of our serverless model. With serverless instances, now available in preview, we take the guesswork out of provisioning resources. Never provision more than you need, and only pay for what you use.