Deploy Serverless Databases on MongoDB Atlas

Combine the power of the document model with the benefits of serverless architecture. Build for nearly any use case with seamless, on-demand scale.
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AWS Lambda
Azure Functions
Google Cloud Run
Illustration of a hand carrying a platter with a database, lock, and files representing MongoDB's collection of products and services.

Build new apps faster with a flexible data model

Instantly deploy a serverless database and start building with minimal configuration. Unlike rigid, tabular data structures or limited key-value stores, MongoDB’s document model and query API enable you to model data for a variety of use cases with the flexibility to make changes as your app evolves.
Illustration of a couple of graphs representing MongoDB's auto-scaling capabilities.

Scale instantly in response to your workload

Built for apps with infrequent or volatile traffic, Atlas serverless databases can scale up and down to meet demand in-real time, so you can free up developer resources. Whether you’re in development or production, you can run confidently with built-in monitoring, security, encryption, and backups.
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Only pay for the resources you use

Start small without any up-front commitments and only pay for the operations you run, so you never have to worry about overprovisioning for your needs. Pay only for reads, writes, backups and storage.

Get started with Atlas

Get started in seconds with minimal configuration, then let Atlas do the rest.
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  • Easy configuration
  • Seamless scaling
  • Usage-based pricing
  • Always-on authentication
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Command line tools