Serverless Databases on MongoDB

Deploy a serverless database to meet variable application demand with minimal configuration and a reliable backend you can trust.
Illustration of a couple of graphs representing MongoDB's auto-scaling capabilities.

Seamless, flexible deployment and scaling

Built for applications with unpredicatble and volatile traffic, Atlas serverless instances can continuously scale up and down to meet your demand in-real time. Get started in just clicks and scale dynamically with up to 1TB of storage available.
Illustration of a spinning wheel in motion with a dollar sign in the middle of the arrow pointer.

Simple, intuitive pricing

Serverless instances are billed based on your resource consumption so you don't need to worry about overprovisioning your database and wasting resources. Pay for only the reads, writes, and storage you use.

Illustration of a hand carrying a platter with a database, lock, and files representing MongoDB's collection of products and services.

Reliable backend foundation

Deploy serverless instances confidently with a production grade, managed backend. Ensure performance and reliability with automated upgrade, encryption, security, metrics, and backup features built in with MongoDB Atlas infrastructure.