July 17, 2024

Building Powerful Gen AI Applications with Google Cloud and MongoDB

The application development landscape is evolving very rapidly. Today, users crave intuitive, context-aware experiences that reflect their intent and deliver relevant results even when queries aren't perfectly phrased. This level of hyper-personalization is now enabled through generative AI-powered applications. MongoDB Atlas and Google Cloud Vertex AI can help developers build and deploy gen AI-powered apps faster and at scale. MongoDB Atlas Vector Search indexes and stores high-dimensional vectors that can be used to uncover relationships within your data. It allows you to perform lightning-fast similarity searches, retrieving results based on meaning and context. Google Vertex AI is a comprehensive AI platform that houses an abundance of pre-trained models and tools, including the powerful Vertex AI PALM. This language model excels at extracting semantic representations from text data, generating those crucial vectors that fuel MongoDB Atlas Vector Search. Vector Search can be useful in a variety of contexts, such as natural language processing and recommendation systems. It is a powerful technique that can be used to find the meaning and intent behind searches. Join this webinar to learn how to: Simplify data management — Discover how MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud eliminates database complexities. Free your team to focus on what truly matters: innovation. Unlock data's power — Learn how MongoDB's flexible platform empowers you to build modern, data-driven applications with ease. Dive into the world of generative AI and see how it can transform your business. Accelerate your cloud journey — See how MongoDB Atlas seamlessly integrates with Google Cloud, leveraging the power of Vertex AI to enhance development and drive growth. Take your cloud capabilities to the next level. The webinar will be recorded and all registrants will receive the recording. See you soon!

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July 24, 2024

MongoDB & Amazon Web Services (AWS) Fraud Detection Immersion Day (AMER timezone)

12:00-2:30pm EDT Not the right time zone? We are also running this on 19th June in EMEA and 11th July in Asia-Pacific . Existing fraud detection systems often grapple with a critical limitation – relying on stale data – which limits the ability to access data in real-time to prevent fraudulent activities before they happen. Join MongoDB and AWS for a deep dive virtual workshop into Fraud Detection using MongoDB Atlas and Amazon SageMaker Canvas to learn how you can proactively identify and combat fraudulent activities, safeguarding systems and protecting customers. By leveraging MongoDB Atlas as an operational data store you are able to accommodate high-volume transactional data with exceptional performance and flexibility. Coupled with Amazon SageMaker Canvas, leverage AI/ML solutions effortlessly with a no-code platform that brings the power of advanced analytics for fraud detection to your fingertips. In the virtual workshop, you will learn: How to architect, design, build, and deploy applications with MongoDB Atlas in the AWS Marketplace How to identify and prevent fraudulent activities or transactions with a modern data architecture Data analytics and machine learning techniques to identify patterns and anomalies How to monitor transactions in real-time, analyse historical data, and flag any suspicious activity with with MongoDB Atlas and Sagemaker Canvas You will hear from: Bhavik Bhatt: Associate Solutions Architect at MongoDB Igor Alekseev: Data & Analytics Partner Solutions Architect at AWS

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