Power-Up Your Queries: MongoDB's Aggregation Framework

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In this webinar, we'll show you how MongoDB's aggregation framework allows you to write simple, and then increasingly complex, queries and aggregations against your datasets, helping you group, join, limit, skip, and bucket across documents in your collections.

We'll introduce some of the ideas around data modeling patterns and indexing that will help you get the most out of storing and querying your data in MongoDB, and you'll learn powerful tools for writing and testing your queries.

If you're already working with MongoDB, and are familiar with the document model, CRUD and query operations, and you're looking to build more complex queries to aggregate and analyze data, then this is the perfect webinar for you.

We’ll be exploring these topics through various languages. Pick the one that suits you best:

Don’t miss this opportunity to power-up your queries and get your questions answered. We look forward to seeing you there!

Dates are subject to change

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