Using HCP Terraform with MongoDB Atlas Vector Search

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July 30, 2024

12 P.M. ET

As AI-powered applications become mainstream, it becomes critical for developer workflows to safely provision applications and supporting infrastructure in production. Semantic search — enabled by MongoDB Atlas Vector Search — is a central element of many of these modern, AI-powered applications.

Join Zuhair Ahmed, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at MongoDB and Kenan Fyfe, Alliances Manager at Hashicorp, for a discussion on integrating Atlas Vector Search with HashiCorp’s Terraform infrastructure-as-code solution. These tools let developers automate and scale their vector search workflows and incorporate sophisticated search capabilities with tools they are accustomed to.

Attend our webinar with HashiCorp to learn how to:

  • Deploy an Atlas dedicated cluster with Atlas Search Nodes using the HashiCorp Terraform Atlas Provider.
  • Create collections with vector data and add vector search indexes in your Terraform configuration.
  • Use MongoDB Shell to begin Atlas Vector Search queries.

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