Intro to MongoDB

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Ready to begin your MongoDB Atlas adventures but not sure where to start? Join our Intro to MongoDB webinar to learn more!

Choose from any of the following dates on the registration page:

  • 11 A.M. ET on Wednesday, May 1st
  • 11 A.M. ET on Wednesday, July 10th
  • 11 A.M. ET on Wednesday, August 21st
  • 11 A.M. ET on Wednesday, September 18th

Senior Developer Advocate Jesse Hall will showcase the unique advantages of the document data model and show you how to deploy an Atlas cluster. Jesse will present a demo of how to get started with MongoDB Atlas and walk you through how to:

  • Create your first cluster, add an IP address and set up a database user
  • Load sample data using a Next.js e-commerce demo app
  • Connect to the database

Register today to save your spot. We look forward to seeing you there!

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