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The replSetFreeze command prevents a replica set member from seeking election for the specified number of seconds. Use this command in conjunction with the replSetStepDown command to make a different node in the replica set a primary.


In the mongo Shell, this command can also be run through the rs.freeze() helper method.

Helper methods are convenient for mongo users, but they may not return the same level of information as database commands. In cases where the convenience is not needed or the additional return fields are required, use the database command.

The replSetFreeze command uses the following syntax:

{ replSetFreeze: <seconds> }

If you want to unfreeze a replica set member before the specified number of seconds has elapsed, you can issue the command with a seconds value of 0:

{ replSetFreeze: 0 }

Restarting the mongod process also unfreezes a replica set member.

replSetFreeze is an administrative command, and you must issue it against the admin database.

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