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getParameter is an administrative command for retrieving the values of parameters. Use the db.adminCommand( { command } ) method to run the getParameter command in the admin database.

The getParameter command has the following syntax:

   getParameter: <value>,
   <parameter> : <value>

The command takes the following fields:

Field Type Description
getParameter int, '*'

Specify a value of:

  • '*' to return all parameters available to getParameters, ignoring the <parameter> field.
  • any numerical value to return the value for the specified <parameter>.
<parameter> string

String name of the parameter to retrieve.

The value for <value> does not affect output.


getParameter runs on the admin database only, and returns an error if run on any other database.

The possible value for <parameter> may vary depending on what version and storage engine in use. See Retrieve All Parameters for an example of listing the available parameters.


Retrieve Single Parameter

The following operation runs getParameter on the admin database using a value of saslHostName to retrieve the value for that parameter:

db.adminCommand( { getParameter : 1, "saslHostName" : 1 } )

The command returns the following output:


The output may vary depending on the version and specific configuration of your MongoDB instance.

{ "saslHostName" : "", "ok" : 1 }

Retrieve All Parameters

The following operation runs getParameter with a value of '*' to retrieve all parameters:

db.adminCommand( { getParameter : '*' } )


The output may vary depending on the version of MongoDB and the specific configuration of the running MongoDB instance.

See also

setParameter for more about these parameters.

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