This version of the documentation is archived and no longer supported.

Member Configuration Tutorials

The following tutorials provide information in configuring replica set members to support specific operations, such as to provide dedicated backups, to support reporting, or to act as a cold standby.


Avoid reconfiguring replica sets that contain members of different MongoDB versions as validation rules may differ across MongoDB versions.

Adjust Priority for Replica Set Member
Change the precedence given to a replica set members in an election for primary.
Prevent Secondary from Becoming Primary
Make a secondary member ineligible for election as primary.
Configure a Hidden Replica Set Member
Configure a secondary member to be invisible to applications in order to support significantly different usage, such as a dedicated backups.
Configure a Delayed Replica Set Member
Configure a secondary member to keep a delayed copy of the data set in order to provide a rolling backup.
Configure Non-Voting Replica Set Member
Create a secondary member that keeps a copy of the data set but does not vote in an election.
Convert a Secondary to an Arbiter
Convert a secondary to an arbiter.