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sh.stopBalancer(timeout, interval)

Changed in version 3.4.

Disables the balancer in a sharded cluster. If a balancing round is in progress, the operation waits for balancing to complete before stopping the balancer.


You can only run sh.stopBalancer() on a mongos instance. sh.stopBalancer() errors if run on mongod instance.

Parameter Type Description
timeout integer

Time limit for disabling the balancer.

Defaults to 60000 milliseconds.

Changed in version 3.4: If using the 3.4 mongo shell with earlier version sharded clusters, the parameter specifies the amount of milliseconds to wait for the balancing round to stop.

interval integer

The interval (in milliseconds) at which to check if the balancing round has stopped.

Changed in version 3.4: Only applicable when using version 3.4 mongo shell with earlier version sharded clusters.

The mongo shell method is a wrapper around the balancerStop command, introduced in 3.4.