World Hackathon 101! Need to know info & guide

Hi all (and I mean ALL! We’ve over 400 registered now - this is a great!)

It’s week 4 of the Hackathon and I wanted to clearly point out to existing and new participants the “flow” of participation and what to expect in participation

(Note: If you’re reading this, then most likely you’ve registered, but if not, then make sure to join the “Hackathon Goup” (you’ll know if you’ve joined as your profile will say so and you’ll have the >_ beside your name (the hackathon Flair))

So - please make sure you’ve done some (or all) of the following -

  1. Read the About the MongoDB World Hackathon section. This has all the info you need about participating and any past events have all the livestreams recorded and viewable - just select each event and you’ll see the embedded YouTube link (so you haven’t missed out on anything)

  2. Check out the Resources for participants in the MongoDB World Hackathon ‘22 and also our special GDELT section which specifically deals with GDELT topics.

  3. Have an IDEA for the hackathon and need teammates? Post the idea in the Projects looking for Hackers category OR have skills but no idea? Then post in the Hackers looking for Projects category. As you can see, many people have posted there already, and have been sucessful in finding team mates or teams to join. Don’t be shy, get posting!

  4. So, once participating, either as a team, or on your own, you MUST post your project details in the newly created Project Teams category. This is CRUCIAL as we really want to be able to see & help all participants. It’s so CRUCIAL, that everyone who lists here, with a link to their project repo, will get exclusive hackathon swag!!

  5. Keep hacking away and join in our weekly livestreams to learn more and interact with the hackathon team. The livestream schedule is updated weekly and can be seen in the event list or the event calendar

  6. You have until May 20th to keep hacking away on your projects - but the Projects submissions for will open from Wednesday 11th May.

  7. WIN SWAG - we’ve plenty of other ways to be in the chances of getting swag

  • most collaborative participant in the Hackathon Forums
  • best Readme in a repo
  • most helpful to other participants
  • any team that wants to demo on FUN HACK Fridays
  • and much more ways!!
  1. So, what else?
  • Any questions - make a post - just hit that + New Topic button on the top right of the forums
  • Use the #mdbw-hackhelp tag to draw attention to your posts from the Hackathon team
  • Tell your friends - the more the better and there’s still plenty of time
  • Get (or keep) Hacking! We really want to see those projects.
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