About the MongoDB World Hackathon '22 category

The MongoDB World Hackathon '22 is a six week challenge with amazing prizes and swag up for grabs. Participate in a team of up to 4 hackers, or as an individual.

Data as News - A Hackathon for information overload

We’re glad you’re here! Hacking is about satisfying an inquisitive streak and building something for fun and exploration and we have an exciting challenge ahead of you all. Humanity faces massive challenges with news & information overload! Fortunately, there are public datasets that enable developers to build useful insights on top of public data. So our challenge for this hackathon is simple: make sense of one of the world’s largest datasets!

The GDELT Project monitors the world’s broadcast, print, and web news from nearly every corner of every country in over 100 languages and identifies the people, locations, organizations, themes, sources, emotions, counts, quotes, images and events driving our global society every second of every day.

As long as your project uses MongoDB in some way, and the GDELT dataset you’ll be eligible for prizes. Projects will be judged on three simple criteria: Is it creative, is it well designed, and is it well made? So feel free to take your projects in exciting directions and take this opportunity to satisfy your inquisitive mind!

Work together, work alone, work at home, work remotely. Wherever you work, have fun!

Hackathon Badge Hackathon FAQ


  • Individuals who are at least the age of majority where they reside as of the time of entry.
  • Teams of up to 4 eligible individuals.
  • The competition will welcome submitters from around the world. However, individuals or organizations may be disqualified if they are based in a nation, state, province, or territory where U.S. or local law prohibits participating in the competition or receiving a prize (including, but not limited to, Brazil, Quebec, Cuba, Sudan, Iran, North Korea, Syria and any other country designated by the United States Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control).
  • Employees of MongoDB are not eligible.
  • Please view the Rules and Code of Conduct for further information


  • Build a news based project that uses MongoDB.
  • Use the GDELT dataset
  • Create a video that includes footage that shows off what you built.
  • Submit your project including the video, a text description, and any relevant links via the Project Submission Wizard before end of day May 20th 2022.
  • Prizes - TBD
  • Judges
    • The Judges will be a team of senior and principle staff from the MongoDB Developer Relations, Marketing & Engineering Teams.
  • Judging Criteria
    • Quality of the Idea - Includes creativity and originality of the idea.
    • Design - Includes the user experience and visual design of the idea.
    • Technical Implementation - Includes how well the idea was executed by the developer and how well MongoDB was executed in the submission.

Office Hours

The Hackathon will run for 6 weeks - from April 11th to May 20th and we will be conducting the following actives all via our Forums throughout the Hackathon.

  • Onboarding - for new hackathon registrations - twice a week, and covering 2 suitable timezones so you have flexibility and choice. The Onboarding will also be recorded.
  • Intro to Gdelt & Intro to MDB sessions
    • Learn from our Advocacy & Community team all about the GDELT dataset, how to understand and navigate it and how it works with MongoDB Atlas and other products.
  • Presentations
    • From our Engineers and Advocates about how they are building their Gdelt projects
  • Fun hack Fridays - Bitesize samples of code that will help you
  • Participant Sessions - open to anyone who’s happy to showcase their progress