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To get exclusive World hackathon '22 t-shirts, you simply need to share your project details with us!! We want to see your projects and your progress. There’s nothing too early to share, and sharing will foster collaboration. For every valid project here, posted with a valid repo link, all team members will receive an exclusive Hackathon t-shirt!! Yes, simply by adding your project, some details and a repo link, you get swag! What’s not to like! Go ahead…hit the “New Topic” button on the top right, add team name, team members and a description and a repo link, and share you progress! Couldn’t be easier!

Submitting will create:

  • A public discussion topic where you can share updates on your team’s project
  • A private group message for communication between your team members and the Hackathon organisers

We look forward to seeing what you’re building

The Hackathon Team

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