The Index: April MUGs

Looking for a recap of our latest MongoDB User Groups (MUGs)? Every month, all around the globe, members of our community come together to talk tech and all things MongoDB. :earth_asia:

Here are some of our latest gatherings.


The React Dublin Group and MongoDB User Group joined forces for an engaging meetup. MongoDB Creator @niallmaher and MongoDB User Group Leader @Suhani_Chawla led the event, bringing together developers to explore React and MongoDB.

Rakesh Srinivasan discussed React Server Components, while Harshit Mehta explained MongoDB Atlas Vector Search. Berkay Özdemir concluded with a talk on the significance of React in web development.


The Toronto MongoDB User Group had an exciting meetup on March 26th. Led by MongoDB Champion @chris, this event offered insightful discussions and networking opportunities. Attendees delved into topics like unpacking the Generative AI ecosystem and shared their MongoDB experiences during lightning sessions.

San Francisco

San Francisco’s March 2024 MUG meetup featured dynamic talks on Spring Boot and MongoDB by Koushik Kothagal (creator of Java Brains) and Atlas Stream Processing by Hubert Nguyen, Lead Developer Advocate MongoDB, where he demonstrated how Atlas Stream Processing combines the document model, flexible schemas, and the rich aggregation framework to provide power and convenience when building applications that require processing complex event data at scale.

The attendees indulged in networking and lively discussions during the end of the event. Organizer Gyanesh Pandeya left attendees buzzing with anticipation for future events, aiming to ignite even greater excitement.


The DACH MUG, led by Champion @michael_hoeller, was a virtual event exploring GenAI, vectors, and vector databases. Michael unpacked the intricacies of generative AI, while @Timo_Hagenow showcased SuperDuperDB’s role in AI development on MongoDB Atlas Vector Search.

New York

The NYC MUG recently hosted a dynamic meetup at the Amazon office, powered by JPMC and AWS, attracting 25 dedicated attendees for insightful sessions on MongoDB and AI integration. With presentations from MongoDB, JP Morgan Payments, and Qarbine, participants explored cutting-edge topics like AI chatbot frameworks and payments API integration.

A big thank you to Alan Lee from JPMC Payments for his session, “Code for Conversions,” @Ben_Perlmutter from MongoDB for sharing insights in “Building a Production-Ready AI Chatbot,” and Bill Reynolds from Qarbine for his lightning session, “Applying RAG to Gain Modern Data Insights.”

Hats off to the organizers Anaiya Raisinghani and Michael Lynn for a memorable evening of learning and collaboration!


Thailand MUG’s first in-person meetup of 2024 commenced with a MongoDB data modeling hands-on session led by MongoDB Senior Consulting Engineer @Piti.Champeethong. Attendees delved into MongoDB core concepts, including replication and sharding, followed by a practical exploration of MongoDB data modeling.

Cheers to the Thailand MUG community for a successful first meetup of 2024, and special thanks to Piti for facilitating an enriching session!



MUG Leader @Matt_Griffith recently orchestrated his first meetup for the Austin community, diving into the world of building RESTful APIs backed by MongoDB aggregations at the MongoDB office. Attendees were thrilled by a dynamic presentation offering a comprehensive overview of MongoDB and showcasing the power of MongoDB aggregations in crafting RESTful APIs. The session ignited enthusiasm as participants engaged in a hands-on workshop, delving deep into aggregations.

Guided by Matt and Sahib Chandnani from MongoDB, the event sparked collaborative learning and vibrant networking opportunities, setting the stage for future dynamic gatherings.



The Lebanon MongoDB User Group organized “SocialNode: Crafting a Comprehensive Social Media API with Node.js and MongoDB,” a technical online workshop aimed at advancing participants’ MongoDB and Node.js skills. Led by MUG Leaders @eliehannouch and @Nisrine_bg, the workshop focused on designing and building real business requirements into functional code, covering features like follow/unfollow, likes and reactions, friend request management, and post management.


The MUG Mumbai MongoDBxGoogle Meetup on April 13th, 2024, at ITM Andheri, Mumbai, was a fruitful collaboration between MongoDB User Group Mumbai and Google, spearheaded by MUG Leader @Nilesh_32704. Enjoying presentations by @SourabhBagrecha and Suvaditya Mukherjee, attendees delved into MongoDB Atlas’s role in GenAI and building robust applications with VertexAI, MongoDB, and LangChain. The event fostered valuable networking and learning opportunities.

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