The Index: April Updates From Community Creators + Champions

The MongoDB Community is made up of stellar Champions and Creators who publish tutorials and videos, speak at events, and so much more. Here’s what they’ve been up to lately!

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We want to celebrate Community Creator @markandey’s achievement: He’s now 5x MongoDB Associate Developer certified, having successfully passed the certification exams in all the programming languages we offer — C#, Java, Node.JS, PHP, and Python. Dive into our blog post to discover how Markandey conquered this self-imposed challenge and how he’s sharing his knowledge gained with the community, and get inspired to start your certification journey!

Community Champion + LA MUG Leader @Nuri_Halperin spoke at our booth at Google Next on smart restaurant choices with MongoDB Atlas and Vertex AI. This session was the cure for the foodie blues: using AI to tell you what restaurant to try next and more importantly, why.

Community Champion @hpgrahsl continued his series on getting started with MongoDB and Quarkus, with an article on connecting your Quarkus application to a fully managed MongoDB database instance.

We’re happy to share that our community leaders are now creating content for our YouTube page! Check out the first video from Community Champion @Rajesh_Nair on migrating PostgreSQL to MongoDB using Confluent Kafka.

Community Champion + Lebanon MUG Leader @eliehannouch authored an article, GridFS Unleashed: Navigating the Digital Wilderness of Modern Data Storage.

Community Creator @Ravindar_Karampuri authored his first tutorial on our Developer Center, Atlas Online Archive: Efficiently Manage the Data Lifecycle.

Community Creator @Samuel_Molling published his third tutorial on Developer Center as part of his Terraform series: MongoDB Atlas With Terraform: Database Users and Vault.

Samuel also open-sourced the code he created for converting MongoDB Atlas labels to tags in dedicated clusters.

Community Creator + Bengaluru MUG Leader @Naveen_Kumar2 added a new video tutorial on indexes to his MongoDB administration series.

Community Creator @niallmaher authored a MongoDB cheat sheet.

Community Creator @Jhonathan_de_Souza_S shared Lessons Learned From MongoDB Serverless.

Community Creator @Markus_Wildgruber authored an article, From CSV file to chart with MongoDB Atlas

Community Champion @Arkadiusz_Borucki recorded Boosting AI: Build a Chatbot With Your Data | LangChain Templates Using the RAG Pattern.

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