Lebanon MUG: SocialNode: Crafting a Comprehensive Social Media API with Node.js and MongoDB

SocialNode: Crafting a Comprehensive Social Media API with Node.js and MongoDB

​In today’s digital age, social media platforms serve as vital channels for communication, networking, and content sharing. Developing a robust and scalable social media API requires a meticulous approach to architecture, functionality, and performance. This project endeavors to design and construct SocialNode, a fully-fledged social media API employing Node.js for backend development and MongoDB for data storage. SocialNode will encompass fundamental features like user authentication, profile management, posting, commenting, liking, and following functionalities. Adhering to best practices in API design, harnessing Node.js’s event-driven architecture for efficiency, and leveraging MongoDB’s flexibility for data modeling, SocialNode will emerge as a versatile foundation for diverse social media applications.

​Key Components:

  • ​Authentication Module: Implementation of user authentication using tokens or OAuth mechanisms for secure access to API endpoints.

  • User Management: Functionality for user registration, login, profile creation, and profile management.

  • ​Post Management: Capabilities for users to create, read, update, and delete their posts, including features for attaching media files and tagging other users or topics.

  • ​Commenting System: Provision for users to comment on posts and manage their comments.

  • ​Like and Dislike Functionality: Implementation of features allowing users to like or dislike posts and comments.

  • ​Follow and Unfollow System: Capabilities enabling users to follow/unfollow other users and receive updates from followed users.

  • Search Functionality: Integration of search capabilities for users, posts, and other relevant entities.

  • ​Notifications: Development of a notification system to inform users about new interactions, mentions, or activities related to their posts.

  • ​Friend Request System: Implement a mechanism for users to send friend requests to other users. Include functionalities for accepting, rejecting, and managing pending friend requests.

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    1. Elie Hannouch - MUG Leader & MongoDB Champion
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