The Index #137 (November 17, 2023): RAG, Generative AI, & Atlas Device SDKs

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Taking RAG to Production with the MongoDB Documentation AI Chatbot by @Ben_Perlmutter

This post provides a technical overview of how we built the documentation AI chatbot.

Other Good Reads

:arrow_right: The Atlas Search 'cene: Season 1 by Erik Hatcher

:arrow_right: How to Seamlessly Use MongoDB Atlas and IBM LLMs in Your GenAI Applications by @Ashwin_Gangadhar

:arrow_right: Leveraging MongoDB Atlas Vector Search with LangChain by @Arkadiusz_Borucki

:arrow_right: Online/Offline Data-Capable Cross-Platform Apps with MongoDB Atlas, Atlas Device SDKs, and .NET MAUI by @Luce_Carter

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Every month, all across the globe, we organize, attend, speak at, and sponsor events, meetups, and shindigs to bring the DevRel community together. Here’s what we’ve got cooking:

Jakarta MUG x DKatalis: November 18th 2023, 6:00pm – 10:00pm, (GMT-07:00) Pacific Time
Melbourne MUG: November 22nd 2023, 10:30pm – November 23rd 2023, 12:00am, (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time
Sydney MUG: November 22nd 2023, 10:30pm – November 23rd 2023, 12:30am, (GMT-07:00) Pacific Time
MUG Singapore: November 23rd 2023, 3:00am – 5:00am, (GMT-07:00) Pacific Time
Malaysia MUG: November 24th 2023, 2:30am – 4:30am, (GMT-07:00) Pacific Time
Bengaluru MUG: November 24th 2023, 8:00pm – 11:30pm, (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time
Lagos MUG: November 25th 2023, 3:00am – 6:00am, (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time
AWS re:Invent: Nov 26, 2023 - Nov 30, 2023

:star2: Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent is the hub of innovation, and MongoDB is right at the center with a series of captivating lightning talks!

:woman_technologist: Join us to explore the frontiers of Generative AI with top industry experts. Gain invaluable insights and be part of the conversation at MongoDB Booth #722, Venetian Expo.

:mag: Check out the lineup:

Tuesday, Nov 28th

11:00 AM: Gen AI Deployment on AWS: A Deep Dive into Services and Options with Rustem Feyzkhanov
11:30 AM: Gen AI in eCommerce: Beyond Predictive Algorithms to Holistic Decision-Making with Mohammad Mizanur Rahman
4:30 PM: RAG for the Masses: Build Your Generative AI App in Minutes with MongoDB with Sachin Smotra

Wednesday, Nov 29th

11:00 AM: Developers and the Future of Gen AI with Dave Nielsen, Wendy Wong, and Chris Miller
11:30 AM: The Competitive Edge in AI: Supercharge Domain-Specific LLMs with Your Private Data with Chris C.
4:00 PM: RAG Over Your Data Using MongoDB Atlas and Amazon Bedrock with David Min

Thursday, Nov 30th

11:00 AM: Exploring Gen AI: Text Processing, Embeddings, and Transformers with Krzysztof Kąkol
11:30 AM: Empowering Inclusivity with Gen AI to Transform Visitor Attraction with Chloe McAree (McAteer)
1:00 PM: How to Break Down Data Silos and Extract Valuable Insights with AI and NLP Technology with Sanchit Jain
1:30 PM: Anatomy of an LLM with John Willis

:globe_with_meridians: Whether you’re a developer, a tech enthusiast, or an AI visionary, these talks are geared to spark inspiration and ignite conversation. Don’t miss out on these transformative sessions!

We’ve had lots of incredible MUGs — that’s MongoDB User Groups — and here’s what they’ve been up to.

There was a virtual MUG in India. MongoDB enthusiasts and developers from across India came together for a day of insights, networking, and knowledge sharing on MongoDB Atlas, Vector Search, and generative AI. We had a hands-on workshop on gen AI using MongoDB Atlas.

A huge shoutout to our incredible speakers: Community Creator Shreya, Swapnil, and Developer Advocate @Stanimira_Vlaeva.

We met up in Mumbai where MUG leader and Community Creator Nilesh collaborated with the AWS User Group to talk to their community members about the MongoDB Community. Rankesh, Senior Solutions Architect at MongoDB, spoke about MongoDB and AWS integration.

Next, we were in Silicon Valley for its first MUG, organized by Dave and Nikhil. They showcased how Dataworkz streamlines creating a high-quality curated dataset from unstructured PDF files available on PubMed and how to use MongoDB Vector Search for storing LLM-ready embeddings using the embedding model of your choice.

MongoDB Community Champion @Nuri_Halperin organized the first MUG in Santa Monica and presented “MongoDB First Steps!”

He also introduced the MUG, had an introduction round for attendees to relay their experience and expectations, and collected topics of interest to help guide future meetups.

And lastly, Chuck organized the first MUG in Boston at PTC Heaters in Seaport. Eliza spoke about the power of learning by doing with MongoDB and Anaiya showcased how to use PyMongo to connect MongoDB Atlas with AWS Lambda.

:mortar_board: From the Community Advocacy Program

Community Creator Michał wrote an article on the impact of the data model on your MongoDB database size.

Community Creator Rafael wrote an article on using the MongoDB aggregation framework to provide data for cohort analysis.

And Community Creator @Otavio_Santana authored an article on powering enterprise applications and unleashing the Java-MongoDB synergy.

We also have updates from our partner communities.

MongoDB Community Champion @Leandro_Domingues spoke about the synergies between MongoDB and AWS during his presentation at the inaugural AWS Community Day Uruguay.

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