MUG Bengaluru: Explore MongoDB Replica Sets, Search Capabilities and Design Best Practices


:globe_with_meridians: Hey Everyone! We invite you to our next MongoDB User Group Meetup in Bengaluru. Explore MongoDB Replica Sets, Search Capabilities, and Design Best Practices.

:pushpin: Event Highlights:

:one: Transitioning from Replica Sets to Sharded Clusters: The How and Why :rocket:
This presentation explores the transition from Replica Sets to Sharded Clusters and the significance of horizontal scaling. We begin with an introduction to Replica Sets and their benefits. Moving forward, we discuss the concept of sharding, its advantages, and its role. We then explore the reason for the shard, components of Sharded Clusters, sharding strategies and best practices.

:two: Data Modeling in MongoDB :abacus:
MongoDB’s flexible BSON format necessitates distinct data modeling strategies. Decisions between embedding and referencing data impact performance and scalability. This talk explores MongoDB data modeling best practices, emphasizing alignment with application needs. Proper modeling ensures efficient data architectures and robust applications.

:three: Crafting an Effective Framework for Implementing and Expanding Search Capabilities in a Multi-Tenant Environment :mag:
We will delve into our approach to designing the search module for a multi-tenant system characterized by flexible schemas and user-defined search criteria. With the growing complexity of search requirements, conventional search index methods face significant challenges. In this presentation, we will explore innovative solutions to address this issue.

:key: Why Attend?
:white_check_mark: Gain insights MongoDB Horizontal Scaling Solutions, MongoDB Search and MongoDB Data Modeling.
:white_check_mark: Learn from industry experts and practitioners.
:white_check_mark: Network with like-minded professionals and expand your connections.
:white_check_mark: Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in MongoDB and AWS technologies.
:white_check_mark: Acquire practical knowledge and skills applicable to your projects.

:tickets: Registration and Details: Secure your spot fortoday! Limited seats are available. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity!

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:star: A heartfelt thank you to the entire team at Toyota Connected for their unwavering support and collaboration on this event. Your dedication and commitment have been instrumental in making this a success. We deeply appreciate your partnership. :pray: #Gratitude #ToyotaConnectedSupport

Event Type: In-Person
Location: Toyota Connected, UB City, Level 4, No. 24, Concorde Block Tower Vittal Mallya Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001


Aayushi Mangal Agrawal
Senior Database Engineer @ Visible Alpha
MongoDB Community Creator


Prakhar Verma
Chief Architect @ Capillary Technologies

Vivekanandan Sakthivelu
Lead Engineer, Software Development @ Toyota Connected India

Collaboration with Toyota Connected India

Event Participation Guidelines

  • Require pre-registration for all attendees, with valid identification proof.
  • Attendees should not take Photos or videos inside the Toyota Connected office.
  • Event attendees should comply with TCIN’s security policies & code of conduct guidelines.
  • Attendees are not required to carry laptops for the event.
  • Attendees should wear the visitor badge throughout the event.
  • “Photos, Images, and Videos of this Techceleration may be used by TCIN on social media handles for marketing and branding purposes. As a participant, I, hereby consent to the release of my pictures or images of this Techceleration in any social media by TCIN”.

How to register to this event

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You need to click on the RSVP button near the title, it will turn green and you would be successfully registered :slight_smile:



I have registered to this event by responding to RSVP.
Would I be getting any conformation or code to my e-mail to attend the event.


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Hey @anjibabu_maruvada,
I see you are successfully registered. The platform doesn’t support notification emails at the moment, we are working on it. You will be we will be sent a reminder email a few days before the event. :slight_smile:

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Hi This is Manoj. Yesterday, I have registered for the event but today its not showing my name.
Could anyone please help me in this. Please add my name. I’m travelling to attend this event from Hyderabad.

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Hey there,

Just wanted to say I loved the MongoDB event in Bengaluru. The talks were so engaging! Any chance you could share the presentations and that group picture we took at the end? Huge shoutout to the Toyota team—hospitality was top-notch, and the office is stunning.

If you were at the event, let’s connect on LinkedIn happy to network Jaideep C. - Software Engineer - L1 - Daytona Systems India Pvt. Ltd. | LinkedIn



Here you go @Jaideep_C



Thanks for sharing @Vivekanandan_Sakthivelu
But I am unable to open the presentations you have shared seems like they are restricted.

Shared with you @Jaideep_C