MongoDB India Virtual MUG: Deep diving into MongoDB Atlas and Generative AI

Join MongoDB India Virtual User Group on Saturday, October 28th for a day of learning, meeting other developers in the region, and taking back home some exciting MongoDB Swag!

New to MongoDB or Generative AI?

We’ll begin the event with introductions and engaging ice-breakers. Then, we’ll start with an overview session on MongoDB Atlas. Make sure you join on time to participate in the jumpstart session and get all the knowledge you need to attend the workshop later.

Then we’ll explore the world of Generative AI and take a deep dive into that through a hands-on workshop on using Generative AI with MongoDB Atlas!

Swags to win!!

There’ll be ample opportunities during the talks and workshop to win some cool and exclusive MongoDB Swag!

To Register - Please click on the “Registration” link below if you plan to attend. You need to be signed in to access the link.


Time Topic
10:30 AM Meet and Greet w/Swags to Win!!
11:00 AM Introduction to MongoDB Atlas
11:40 AM Introduction to Generative AI, Tokenization, Fine Tuning
12:00 PM Workshop Generative AI with MongoDB Atlas
01:15 PM Trivia w/Swags to Win!!


Event Type: Online
Registration Link



Stanimira Vlaeva

Developer Advocate @ MongoDB


Shreya Thakrar

Data Engineer @ Webstrings Global, Community Creator



Swapnil Nigam

Marketing @ Amazon India


Hi guys,
This is a very interesting event and I want to attend. However, the event time is 1am in my time zoom. Would be at all possible to record this ans send me the link? thanks


Excited for this amazing session!

Let’s get connected over LinkedIn and I’m happy to networking

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Hey @john_Doe3,

Yes, the session would be recorded. Additionally, you can look out for events in your region too: MongoDB User Groups and Events


Hey folks! :wave:

Once again a big thank you to everyone who joined.

As promised, here’s the recording link:
Zoom Recording Link
Passcode: f9%q$8Gc

Hoping everybody had a great time!